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About: Charles Tuggle

Art for me is not simply what I see but rather what I can get 

others to see and think about.

My work generally explores the relationship between cultures, entertainment, and history. 

In my work I attempt to deconstruct the obvious and rearrange 

familiar visual signs into new conceptual layered pieces.





Pete Dent Photo.jpg

 About: Pete Dent

Neveland (Pete) Dent is a San Francisco artist, born and raised in Philadelphia. He uses his imagination, to express beauty in everyday life, conveying to audiences through works using vibrant colors, realistic landscapes, still-life, geometric abstract, freelance photographs.

Pete considers each piece a window, illustrating an emotional, visually stimulating journey. The journey he takes while creating each piece, the intricate details, and subtle, bold contrasts to create oil, pastel, and acrylic paintings, along with prints.





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